An elegant woman holds a bracelet near her face and stares intently. Style provided by Sax on 7th Salon.
An elegant woman holds a bracelet near her face and stares intently. Style provided by Sax on 7th Salon.
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The Very Best

We Treat Your Hair Well

Sax on 7th Salon, led by acclaimed stylist Erik Saxman, has reinvigorated the hairstyling industry in Western Pennsylvania by utilizing scientific advancement to create all-natural and stronger hair health in his customers. Teaming technology with years of styling mastery, Erik’s work speaks for itself. The technology Sax on 7th swears by is CHI Brand hair care products – an assortment of hair appliances that utilize things such as negative ions and far infrared to create heat that gets the styling done effectively but doesn’t damage your hair in the process. Erik is joined by his partner Bill, and their staff John and Alyssa.


Sax on 7th Salon is dedicated to helping each client look their very best, through the use of styles and techniques that foster all natural hair health and maintain longevity and quality for your hair. 

What are the Benefits of Healthy Hair?

At this point you may be wondering: what are the benefits of healthy hair? We have compiled a short list to give you some insight into why we stresse hair health and works so hard on maintaing natural beauty:


Healthy Hair Feels Better

It goes beyond just looking good. When actually touched, the tactile texture of healthy hair is softer and more pleasant. You can literally feel the difference.


Healthy Hair Grows Faster

When properly nourished, hair follicles start growing hair at a faster rate. For the typical person who eats a balanced diet hair will grow about a ½ an inch per month. But for someone who makes sure they get lots of vital nutrients that their hair needs, the growth rate nearly doubles.


Healthy Hair is More Manageable

Healthy hair is easier to tame. By having healthy and manageable hair you maintain that dazzling style that we create for you much longer after you’ve left the chair. The maintenance is easy and the upkeep is seamless.


Healthy Hair is Stronger and More Damage Resistant

This is the area where Sax on 7th Salon really gives our customers the edge: damage resistance. Things like hot hair styling tools and chemical hair treatments can damage your hair. The CHI Brand technology Sax on 7th utilizes is scientifically proven to help keep your hair strong and resist the damage caused by these treatments. 

How does CHI Technology Help Your Hair?

It would take an entire website to fully detail the proven aspects of the CHI Brand technology. The tools utilize things like Ceramic Heat to maintain an even temperature, avoiding hot spots that break and damage hair. The Silk Infusion product utilizes 17 of the 19 all-natural amino acids that hair contains to help bond with your hair and maintain strength and beauty. Negative ions found in the flat irons used helps to balance against the positive charge hair obtain due to dryness.

Let’s take a moment to focus on one of the more outstanding aspects of the CHI Brand items that Sax on 7th uses to help your hair stay healthy and strong: Far Infrared Technology. Found in the CHI Brand Hair Dryers, Far Infrared takes advantage of something common to astronomers. Far Infrared is a region in the infrared spectrum of electromagnetic radiation, and is often defined as any radiation with a wavelength of 15 micrometers to 1 mm (which roughly corresponds to a range of 20 THz to 300 GHz). Far infrared photons have far less energy than visible light photons.


What’s that mean?

Well in astronomy that means that objects in the far infrared range of temperatures are sometimes used to observe interstellar gases when new stars are formed – such as observations made at the very center of the Milky Way Galaxy, where the globular cluster of stars is so dense and bright it heats the surrounding areas of dust causing them to emit Far Infrared radiation.


Ok, but what’s that mean for hair?

Well studies have shown that the use of far infrared in saunas has been beneficial to patients suffering from high blood pressure, congestive heart failure and rheumatoid arthritis. The benefits are still being heavily researched, but this far infrared treatment is also beneficial to hair health. When using the CHI Brand hair dryers, the far infrared is able to penetrate beyond just the hair and into the scalp, hitting the whole follicle. This gives a more total and even drying process working from the inside and out. Most hair dryers just heat the air around your hair. The CHI Brand dryers we use at Sax on 7th heat and dry your hair completely and evenly, maintaining balance and health.


Science combined with experience allows Sax on 7th to maintain the health and look of each of our clients. Book your appointment now!

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