An elegant woman holds a bracelet near her face and stares intently. Style provided by Sax on 7th Salon.
An elegant woman holds a bracelet near her face and stares intently. Style provided by Sax on 7th Salon.
The Very Best
The Very Best

Haircuts and Color – We’re the One for YOU!

Sax on 7th Salon is the top hair styling hub in all of Beaver Falls, PA. We offer essential hair care service: cut, color and wax. You get this service from the very best and most experienced professional in the area: Erik. With almost 2 decades of experience crafting, cutting and styling hair, Erik is an industry leader that brings a discerning eye for trends and an innate talent for finding the perfect look for each of his clients. Sax on 7th is a mainstay of Western Pennsylvania, providing the highest quality hair styling service in the entire region. 

Premium Cuts, Coloring and Waxing

Sax on 7th Salon offers elite hair care services, including coloring, haircutting, waxing, manicures, pedicures, eyelash extensions, plus much more! Each member specialized in a certain area.

We Keep Your Hair Strong and Healthy

Sax on 7th promotes healthy hair in all of its work, utilizing CHI Brand Products to maintain your hair's natural strength and beauty.

Strong Healthy Hair is our Focus

Sax on 7th promotes healthy hair in all of its work. We understand that looking great is the foundation and core principle of hair styling. However, using the proper and health focused tools to achieve that great look is equally important. So when you sit down in our chair we take extra special care to maintain your hair’s health and natural feel. Sax on 7th Salon makes use of CHI Brand technology to treat and touch your hair. This technology utilizes proven scientific advances to maintain your hair’s health and longevity. Our track record and experience with CHI technology gives you an edge when you get your hair done at Sax on 7th Salon. You look great and your hair stays strong and natural! 

The Best Styling in the Beaver County

To keep up with the high demand for our exquisite styling, Sax on 7th Salon tries to accomodate walkins, but appointments are best. We are available 7 days a week for appointments, are flexible in scheduling, and are always willing to work with each new client to find a time that suits. When you book an appointment with Sax on 7th you have slotted time with the very best. We has been styling, coloring and cutting hair for over 25 years combined. Sax on 7th has made a name for itself with superior service. Throughout the years our loyal clients have spread the word on Erik’s work. Our passion for our craft and our bold artistic vision shine through with each happy customer who comes out of the chair looking their very best. We helps you maintain your style with expert advice to get the long lasting effect of the style he helped bring forth. It’s this personal touch and dedicated attention to detail that helps forge strong bonds with each client.


So what are you waiting for? Book your appointment with us today and feel the difference that Sax on 7th gives you: bold styling and beautiful color!

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